For 25 years I was in small animal practice in Reading, firstly as a partner and for the last 6 years as sole principal. I left the practice in February 2014 and since then have acted full time as an RPA to the veterinary profession.


Previously this role had to be combined with my clinical work although in later years the radiation protection duties became ever more predominant.

I am the only veterinary surgeon in the UK qualified to act as an RPA.

HSE require any RPA to have demonstrated core competence and they have appointed RPA 2000 as an assessing body to evaluate candidates.

I obtained my RPA 2000 Certificate of Competence in 2004 following submission of a portfolio of evidence that had to meet a spectrum of precisely defined criteria.

Certificates are valid for 5 years and mine was renewed in 2009 & 2014 after scrutiny of further documentation detailing continued activity in the field and attendance at professional meetings.

I am an advisor to the RCVS Practice Standards committee.

I am also editor of the Guidance notes for the safe use of ionising radiations in veterinary practice (BVA, 2019).

This third edition is now available from BVA