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October 2023 - HSE have revised Registration and Consent requirements

See HSE website


HSE Registration and fail-safe lights AFFECTS ALL PRACTICES

RpaVet CPD   


The future of CPD is now to offer any event remotely. Attendance events where direct practical participation is not required are likely to become somewhat rare.

The CPD is now run on-line as a number of half-day events (mornings). The timings will be similar to the previous attendance events and will last 3 - 3.5 hours. The CPD will be on Zoom and questions can be raised by Zoom chat and response will usually be verbally during the session.  RPS notes and enrolment certificates are emailed to all delegates.  Further dates may be added in due course - please contact site if current dates are not suitable. Fee will be £125 + VAT per delegate. See CPD tab for booking form and available dates.


Note that HSE/RCVS require the RPS to have recent training. HSE are now expecting there to be a minimum of 2 RPSs for each site. It is not acceptable for a single person to be RPS at at large number of sites (possibly more than 2). The RPS can be an MRCVS or RVN. Often an RVN is more suitable as may travel around less sites than the vet.


RPA re-inspections and revision of local rules


During the restrictions imposed by Covid it was possible to revise local rules for sites without a physical inspection. This was particularly important to enable documentation to be issued referencing IRR17 rather than IRR99. RCVS and HSE had made some allowance for the lack of a physical inspection. Now that there is some semblance of normality returning it is necessary to reinstate the previous protocol of a physical inspection every 3-4 years. There may be some leeway in timings for sites that have been revised remotely but this may depend on whether an inspection by either RCVS or HSE is booked.

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