RpaVet statement on coronavirus


There will be no practice inspections until further notice. This should have little impact at present as presumably other practice inspections will be similarly affected (eg RCVS & HSE inspections). In the light of what is happening in the country it seems unlikely that RPA inspection activity is crucial at the present time. I remain working from home (eg see local rules revisions statement).


I am available via phone (0118 9841159; 07801 257883) or email (petercockett@rpavet.co.uk) to answer any queries.

RpaVet CPD   Revised 15.04.20


The best laid plans ….. it is obvious that for both legal and practical health reasons any public gathering cannot take place at present. There is no defined timetable for relaxation of the current restrictions and it is prudent to assume no change at present. Most venues have already cancelled the bookings. RpaVet CPD, along with everything else has to be deferred to happier times. All 5 booked venues are postponed and will not take place on the advertised dates. All dates will be deferred although it is not yet possible to confirm when the CPD will take place. It is anticipated this might be September/November 2020 but this will depend on future events. There will probably be no change in venue location apart from possibly Glasgow, where the NHS have taken over the hotel until further notice. A suitable alternative venue with parking will be selected if necessary.


It is hoped that delegates already booked will be able to attend a revised date and as much notice as possible will be given. Updates will appear here and hopefully all delegates will be individually notified by email. Any delegate who has paid and is subsequently unable to attend  will be refunded.


These are difficult times for everyone and practices have much to cope with. CPD must be quite low down the list of critical events but we must be optimistic that some sort of normality will return in due course and we can all think about more mundane matters.


Please contact me if you are interested in attending at a future date (eg if you were unable to make one of the original bookings) and I will keep in touch.


Stay safe.


Note that HSE/RCVS require the RPS to have recent training. The ideal is to have one RPS for each site. It is not acceptable for a single person to be RPS at at large number of sites (possibly more than 2). The RPS can be an MRCVS or RVN. Often an RVN is more suitable as may travel around less sites than the vet.


At the risk of self-promotion, I have had multiple face-to-face meetings with HSE and am perhaps uniquely placed to advise on pertinent ramifications of IRR17 and specifically, HSE inspections. HSE are now (again) targeting veterinary practices. HSE were also actively involved in scrutinizing the 2019 edition of the BVA Guidance Notes (edited by myself).

RPA re-inspections and revision of local rules


HSE have informed me in person that their view is that there is no defined timetable for an RPA re-inspection if the RPA has physically inspected the site and there are no significant changes. Such changes would include eg X-ray relocation in the practice, addition of dental X-ray or replacement generator.  However, for all inspections prior to January 1st 2018 the local rules will reference IRR99 and will now be non-compliant due to the introduction of IRR17.

I am able to reissue up to date, compliant local rules for any site I have inspected prior to 2018 without physically visiting the practice so long as there have been no significant changes, as discussed. I would invite any such site with IRR99 rules (issued by RpaVet) to contact me so that the revisions can be arranged. I would need confirmation of who is the RPS. Please also check your previous report and advise if any recommendations/alterations have been carried

out. There is a fee for revising the documentation but this is considerable less than that for a physical re-inspection. Quote is available on request.

Dental X-ray


Although not specifically news, this section allows me to let practices know the format for RPA involvement with the addition of dental X-ray. Basic information is already available (see downloads) – dental radiography guidance & fail-safe light documents apply. Except in very rare circumstances, it is not possible to visit a site just to advise on dental X-ray location. Advice is based on floor plan and photos. Where authorization by the installer is required, this is done by email once the layout has been scrutinized (remotely). An RPA inspection is then usually due after installation.